chutch-coffee23 Asked: I'm glad I found this blog! I'm with you on the no-neck beard or tanktops, I just hate them! But just wanted to say, going through this blog a little, y'all guys are awesome with handling stupid anons. Love this blog<3


vivalasydney Asked: jesus i miss this blog.

me too, girl. ME TOO.

but sadly i’m down a co-blogger, 

and waging a war with the crazies about tank tops and neck beards seems kind of futile.

remember me?

babotitti Asked: How's revamping going?

i need to revamp my love of josh.

candidly-us Asked: I was going to leave a nice anon message, since you don't receive those often, but I'll stay it without anon too: I adore this blog<3 Please continue posting. And have a lovely day!

thank you!!

joshs-left-earlobe Asked: I don't know how it's taken this long for me to find you, but I love your blog. I'm very confused, however. On one hand I kind of love the neck beard because its so Josh, but I kind of hate it because....uck! haha. Fedora's (only landlords should wear them) Tank tops (I'm in!)

thank you!! <3 so glad that someone else has ventured onto this blog!

jawshiseverything Asked: Kate did you delete your tumblr o_O can't find it anymore !

She has some personal things going on that she doesn’t want to share with tumblr so she’s deleted.

We need to revamp this blog.

okay? okay.


If someone could, you know, photoshop tattoo sleeves on him I MIGHT DIE BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TOO MUCH

But…it’s just a suggestion…


Although I approve of your sunglasses and ball hugging jeans.

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teamjoshifersource Asked: Hello :) Would you mind following us back please? We're a brand new page for Joshifer. Thanks :) x

Sorry! This is not our main blog so we can’t follow back on it!